You wouldn’t want a Tenant who would rent your apartment in that condition!

Groucho Marks said it even better “I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have someone like me as a member!”
Anyway, I’ve got a vacancy and as I’m going into the 2nd month without a Tenant I decided to do something over, INSIDE. But as I arrived there, to also take a another photo, I realized what a Dump it looked like, OUTSIDE.

Nowadays to rent in Marblehead you’re place must be immaculate and competitively priced. Salem is just the opposite – Huge demand for less apartments. But I haven’t figured out how to¬†inexpensively get a 3 family house from Marblehead to Salem. Ideas welcome?
So let’s get this place shinning! Weeds out, trim the bushes, paint the front door.
Now, maybe potential Tenants will want to see the INSIDE of the apartment. Mike
PS If you think your place doesn’t look bad, take a picture and look at it a little later.

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