You doing too much Labor on Labor Day?

I’m sure you’re having a great Labor Day with family, neighbors and friends! Great, me too!

However I’d like you to take reflective minute and focus on YOUR ENDGAME. What do you ultimately hope to accomplish and where will you be?

_________________________     _________________________

My point is that it’s very easy to get off track and waste a lot of effort that’s not helping that “endgame”

e.g. Jack left home with the family cow, to go to the market and get ___________. He ended up with “magic beans”. Did that help his (and his family’s) endgame?

Do you want to retire somewhere? with so much passive income? You could write down that exact goal! Now fill in some details…





I’m often asked by new investors: “Should I become a Real Estate Agent? How do I reply, I don’t know your endgame, I don’t know how it will fit into your goals, do you? Do you know how much work and time it takes to become an Agent?

Tomorrow a Summary of the past meetings and a look forward to Tony Youngs and the Hidden Market of Real Estate opportunities! 9/29,30 and 10/3



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