Who needs an Exit Strategy? 8/17/12 7-8:30 PM

Hey Fellow Real Estate Investor,

I’m planning to see you Tonight at our Movers and Shakers meeting at Dennys in Danvers 7:00 – 8:30 PM 152 Endicott Street, 01923 Complimentary admission for members, $5 tip for our waitress by non-members. Coffee, soft drinks and snack. Foreclosure saving Attorney August 28, 2012 Main meeting

1. Almost every city and town I’ve looked at recently has shown a huge increase in Sold properties despite Real Estate Brokers crying about how business is still down. In Peabody there were almost 150 Sold properties in the last 3 months versus just over a hundred for the same time last year.
Want me to check your City/Town for our meeting tonight? Please don’t email me at 6 PM for the 7:00 PM start of Movers and Shakers at Dennys of Danvers;-)
I think Real Estate may have troughed and could be heading back up (unless of course some dramatic event gives this comeback a flat tire)

2. You RE Investors can check that you still have a pulse and join us to get back in the game? I’ll focus on your area if you’d like but I know we need some work on Exit Strategies, we’ll cover that first.

According to Wikipedia – “An exit strategy is a means of leaving one’s current situation, either after a predetermined objective has been achieved, or as a strategy to mitigate failure.” It’s been proven that the human brain can not multi-task, it can shift tasks with unbelievable speed to give that multi-tasking illusion but only one thing at a time.

Tonight I’ll share how I incorporate an Exit Strategy on every major project. It consists of a Timeline with conditions to be met or an alternative action to take. Believe me, no one successful does this as a seat of the pants, feeling. The Exit Strategy is all written down and checked daily, it has to be, to survive the many competing interests, interruptions and emergencies we all have. Hey, who’s not busy? Bring a notebook or I’ll have one for you tonight and we’ll put your Exit Strategy together.

See you tonight, Mike Hurney

3. PS You guys check the Old farmers Almanac, originally penned by Ben Franklin? The Almanac is calling for a Brutally Cold Winter 2012-2013. Fortunately Natural Gas is still about half the price of Heating Oil but if you’re considering a conversion from oil to gas? Or even an Upgrade? You may want to get on it NOW with Tom the Plumber 617-697-7330

4. Need me to look at financing something for you? Or a Refinance? You can call 781-405-1845 or Email [email protected]

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