Who Else Wants Help Investing in Real Estate? We’re a group of Investors that meets for Education, Sharing Deals, Contractors, Sources of Money and Solutions. You can join us

We’re a group of Investors that meets for 1. Education, 2. Sharing Deals, 3. Sharing Contractors, 4. Sources of Money and 5. Solutions. You can join us at one of our monthly meetings or Email/Call Directly!

1. As Education becomes available, For instance Courses on renovations that involve Lead Paint, Our members ask to Post the details of those events.

2. You are able to Submit a Deal or Wants/Needs for our weekly email newsletter.

3. Have a Contractor or Sub you’re impressed with? Have them join us at a meeting and speak to our Association (we’ll place a Banner above).

4. Who’s Lending Conventionally or Hard Money? Mike Hurney is a Licensed Loan Officer NMLS#43342 that’ll spend the time you need covering your Options. Right now the Lending business is hitting Historic Low Rates and you may want to take advantage of this, 781-248-6907 cell.

There are usually “Hard Money” (Purchase money based on the “Hard” Asset, not you and your credit) Lenders at most meetings. However they usually will only cover 65% LTV, non-owner occupied Properties.

5. Solutions can be Obvious but difficult to actually implement. Right now there are several Landlords with Tenants months behind. The JunkYard Dog of Evictions, Rick speaks to us Annually and is advising “Do it now! You’re not doing anyone, any favors by prolonging an Eviction!” The Housing Court Judge David Kerman also speaks at our meetings. He’s asked us to place all the Legal Documents on our site, available to members. That’s the Application, Lease, Statement of Conditions, Escrow Form and blue Lead Form. (we’ve done it) Also he’s had us place HIS 14 day Notice to Quit and all the Eviction Forms (done that too!). However he cautions us to “Make sure you have ALL the paperwork you need. Otherwise he’ll toss the case out. Now you have a ticked off Tenant and an unhappy Judge. Good luck!”

The meetings are full of networking and folks with Tips they’re eager to share. Hey you probably have something to share with us also! I think you’ll be as impressed with the Folks who show up, as I am. We look forward to seeing YOU soon, Mike Hurney, Director MassRealEstate.net

PS Difficult problem that needs help ASAP? Call Mike’s cell  781-248-6907 or email [email protected]

PPS Become a Member now and you’ll receive your choice of a book from the 12 available and a CD That’s the Briefcase of Consumer Credit.

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