Which meeting do I attend?

Hey Guys, sorry you may have been disappointed at another REIAs meeting. I’ve found that often there’s some difference between the introduction to an upcoming event and what actually takes place. Here’s how to know Which meeting do I attend? What I usually do, is mention what I’m bringing and what I’m looking for on the Meetup RSVP. Big difference when I get there! Folks are looking for me, to do some business.

As far as selling speakers, everybody has them, even those that say they NEVER have them;-) We just had a gentleman that spoke at our main meeting, then did a 3 day BootCamp here on the North Shore for only $997. (what college can you learn a new profession at, that you can make money on, for that low price? Northeastern is about $40k/yr.). The BootCamp started with a day of instruction, then a day of field work (which consisted of driving to 10 Foreclosures and picking out other properties that were “Hidden Market” opportunities where there was NO competition (26 more)). We’re still following up with Offers and Counter Offers on them. The third day was spent at the Registry of Deeds where we researched Titles for liens and addresses of owners.

I’m kind of new to this, I only started working with REIAs in 1985, but I do know who the good speakers are that bring value to our members.

Mike Hurney

PS 1/26/16 Real Estate Tax Assessor speaks on value and how to get an Abatement, and Home Staging expert getting another $10-26k on your sale.

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