We’re looking forward to meeting you also!

Hi Mike,

I’m looking forward to meeting your group and presenting Guerrilla Marketing and Reading People to your MassRealEstate.net Group.

You know most of in business are in the Marketing Business, like it or not.  And for those whose businesses don’t have the resources of Apple or Coca Cola, that is most of us, they  need to work hard to stand out amid the market noise.  The old tried and true methods of marketing are not working today because the market noise is so deafening.

Guerrilla Marketing substitutes creativity, imagination, focus and attention to detail for big budget “Brand Awareness” advertising.  The low and no cost weapons of Guerrilla Marketing help you grab the attention of your market so that you as a business can begin to engage and educate before providing them a Compelling Offer that they can’t refuse.

Once your prospect is engaged enough to give you their time and attention, now Reading People, that is understanding the way they normally operate or  their Personal Behavioral Style, provides you with a leg up to sell more, manage better and lead more successfully.  Even if their style clashes with yours you can learn to modify your style to interact with them more effectively.  What a leg up!

Can’t wait to meet your group.


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