We look forward to seeing you tonight, Options, Tenant Check, 7 Deadly mistakes to avoid & Social media.

This is a final reminder for tonight.

1. Know how to “Option” a property? After this meeting tonight, you will. That is How to “Contract to Purchase a Property” in an Agreement that you can sell! And do it in  an “iron-clad” document.

2. What pitfalls are out there for new investors that you can easily avoid? How about 1. Doing your Homework? I know you didn’t like it in school why would you like it now? Actually it’s easily done. And making improvements in the WRONG order? and Putting a “Team” of Partners together. and Setting up a Legal Entity? and Not Documenting agreements? We’ll show how to simply avoid these “mines in your field” and more, tonight!

3. Want to know how MaryAnn saved me tens of thousands in Tenant costs and how we met. I believe you can not be in the Income Property Business without her. Even if you hit Plan B (not being able to Sell and having to rent) her report is Critical to your Success. She’ll also share tips with us, that can save you thousands in Legal Fees and untold nights of aggravation.

4. Steve is THE expert on Social Media and how you can help hundreds of your potential Customers. He’ll speak about YOUR Funnel and Developing YOUR niche.

(Next month Housing Court Judge, November 29, 2011.)

FHA finance, that is three point five percent down on purchases for those that qualify. You can call my cell 781-248-6907 or email [email protected] We’ll try to set you up and get you in the game. I’ve also put an information sheet together if you’d like, with advice from the biggest investor I’ve ever met and an inspection sheet for that FHA. Good luck investing.

I look forward to seeing you tonight, Tuesday October 25, 2010 6:30 – 9:00 pm At the SpringHill Suites Hotel, 43 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-5000 FREE to members, only $25 for guests. $99/year ($8.25/meeting) for membership!

Tenant check, SEO marketing, Options, Avoiding 7 Deadly Mistakes, Refreshments, Networking and YOU!

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