Victoria’s recommending – How Not to Die, Michael Greger MD

My daughter’s on a crusade for 2017 with her highly recommended – How Not to Die, Michael Greger MD
Her most recent email to Robbie and I:
“Hi again,
If you guys don’t start reading this book I’m going to get fired for sending you emails about it at work!!!
I’d consider myself to be nutritionally informed, but this book repeatedly adds new and surprising facts. For example what are some of the reasons the meat industry adds salt to its products? And what contains more salt, a large McDonalds fry or a chicken breast? You might find it surprising that “between the ages of twenty and fifty, the greatest contributor of sodium to the diet is chicken” and the meat industry can increase the weight of meat by as much as 20% simply by adding salt, which allows the meat to retain more water. Other troubling qualities for people are the addictive qualities of sweet and salty foods, which keeps us coming back for more and how it promotes high blood pressure.
Read ittttt please
Love you both

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