A little Real Estate, Waterfront, Fixer, Low down,

Good Morning, Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

A little Real Estate, Waterfront, Fixer, Low down,

Weather forecast isn’t too bad for this big weekend, rates trending downward. and with a little effort there may be some Real Estate success in your near future.

e.g. You could take a look at our Home of the Week, way down Cape Cod (so you’re not tempted to commute every night). ON the water, less than $1.4M, Owners’ll reluctantly include their boat which seems to go with the property and dock, rents for $4k/week in high season. You can call Robbie for more details 781-258-5216 cell. Our Jumbo rates are running between high 3s for 5/1/30 Interest only and high 4s for 30Fixed. Need your input for APRs and glad to run your application anytime! [email protected]

In the next month it is traditionally the time to sell Cape and Islands property, have you got anything we can help with?

West Roxbury fixer upper is still available, also check with Robbie.

Investors with Properties to Sell, there’s a whole world of possibilities for your Buyers with low down 3% no MI and rates still low. Of course there are some restrictions on purchase price $417k -SF, $533,850 – 2 Family, $645,300 – 3 and $801,950 – 4. and Income limits $125,415. Essex County and $108,000. Barnstable. My cell is 781-405-1845

You can refer Buyers to us for PreQuals and as long as they’re willing, we’ll stay in touch, to let you know the progress we’re making. There’s no sense being left at the altar (closing table) with no bride (qualified Buyer) appearing. We know once you take a property off the market and then relist it, there’s usually a “stigma” (-$10 to 20k) attached to it:-( [email protected]

See you out there, Mike Hurney, Director MassRealEstate.net PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616 office NMLS #43341

PS A little rough getting in the water this morning at high tide 7:17 but still warm. And this weekend I should get to finally try that BBQ smoker I received for a gift (Christmas;-). What are you guys cooking this weekend?

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