Update 11/11/2011

Good morning Fellow Real Estate Investors,
1. THANK YOU to all our Veterans and members of our Armed Forces! We know we would not be as well off as we are (although folks are concerned about this recession continuing) we’re still OK!

2. I’m sending out our GMAC email newsletter to everyone, easy to opt out of, if you’re not interested. I send this weekly to all my realtor partners and clients, why not our Fellow Investors at MassRealEstate? Also we’re very busy with purchase and re” fin anc ‘;ing.

3. Housing Court Judge Kerman will preside over our next Main Meeting at the SpringHill Suites in Peabody, Tuesday, November 29 6:30 – 9:00PM and Movers and Shakers at Denny’s in Danvers Friday November 18, 7-8:30PM. I look forward to seeing you there!

4. Cold weather’s coming, got your checklist? You guys check your Smokes and CO monitors when you set your clocks back last week? I found a CO going off all the time and thought it was the battery. Simultaneously that basement had water and the Water Heater had been placed on the floor. With the new sealed units, any liquid (in case it’s flammable) will inhibit combustion air needed by the water heater. So we raised it and had to repitch the exhaust.

However when I noticed the water heater to the chimney inlet, I saw an old blocked-off Boiler cap had rusted and fallen out. Although it’s a 30 foot chimney with plenty of draw this could still vent CO right through to the basement. We bricked it up with bricks and mortar, sealing it for good. Lucky catch! Landlords, this is our responsibility.

Happy birthday to my favorite Cougar, Robbie Ryder!

There is no substitute for networking with you guys! Good luck Investing and I’ll see you soon, Mike Hurney

PS Someone was whining that we can’t post on someone else’s Yahoo groups or Blogs? Our Homepage IS a WordPress Blog and everyone is Welcome to post/blog here.

PPS Allison asked me to show up for an Amazing Race casting call tomorrow, maybe because when I watch it, I always know what to do and could have done it twice as fast;-) I think we’ll have some fun there. Got a team? Join us.

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