Tonight Partnership agreements A-Z, MasSave, Appliances, Best Deal in 01960

Email that just went out: Good morning Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Congratulations on surviving Hurricane Sandy. I believe our preparations: Securing outdoor items, cleaning Gutters, Drains and Catch basins plus some Luck in the Storm’s tracking equaled success in minimizing any damage! If you’ve got an Insurance Claim be very careful in reporting it. A wrong move could actually cost you more than the claim. You can call my cell 781-405-1845 Mike for a quick conversation.

Tonight, Tuesday October 30, 2012 6:30 PM doors open and networking begins.

Here what I posted on Meetup last night:

Very often I see folks get together to “Partner” and do a deal. Elephant and mouse, Cash and sweat equity, Financing and Construction management. However 3 months later these “partners” are almost ready to kill each other. And sometimes they ask me to intervene. I usually start sarcastically with “Did you folks get married or something?” Then I advise them to seek Counsel as in an Attorney because three different stories usually arise A’s, B’s and the Truth. So this evening you’ll see how to do it right from the start. You can multiply your expertise and effort with a great partner and make some serious money with Attorney Rick’s thorough knowledge of partner agreements! No one can do this business alone.

Next we’ll learn how Utilities are trying to put money back in our pockets in the form of Energy Upgrades to our Properties.

Paul will have a Q and A on the care and feeding of Appliances and how to “rescue” an Appliance “abused” by tenants. Also what are the best appliances to purchase.

Next I’ll show you what is the absolute Best deal on the market in 01960, right Now!

Finally – You, you’re input, networking, pizza and soft drinks!
See you there, Mike for more details

[email protected] NMLS#43341 781-405-1845

SpringHill Suites, 43 Newbury Street (Route 1 North just before Sonic Carhop), Peabody, MA 01960 Always FREE to members, Only $25 for guests. $99/year to join.

Interesting site for National Grid:

Active Outages: 3,543
Affected Customers: 193,565
Last Update: Oct 30, 11:10 AM

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