Tonight: Not what you make but what you KEEP. Odds of making Money in real Estate?

Email that went out today:

Hello Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Tonight – Year end planning, Odds of making money in Real Estate? Short-sales, REOs and Foreclosures, Buy/Sell Networking, Refreshments and YOU.

1. I’ve received 5 offers for the “Complimentary” PT Barnum 42 page booklet on “How to Make money.” which I’ll gladly forward to you if you ‘d like. However the message is: It’s not what you make but what you keep. and Who better to help us with this than Steve the CFP, tonight!

But first I’ll be speaking about the “odds” of making it in Real Estate. I believe it’s one in ten if you follow Lessons 1-12 which I’ll cover tonight. This versus the common misconception that you can do it in a one hit lottery style. Incidentally Quick Pic for tonight has $206M prize with odds something like 1 in 175,711,536 (based on their payout from David Baker at the Commission) want a chance? See you tonight. By the way National Institute of Lightning Safety estimates the chances of Lightning striking you are 1 in 280,000,000. I’ll take Real Estate and You’ll see how tonight. Also let’s get up to speed on the huge profitable field of Short Sales, REOs (Bank Owned Real Estate) and Auctions. Mike

2. Year-end Tax Strategies – CFP Steve – The Single most expensive tax mistake of all. How to slash your audit risk (fly under the IRS radar). Powerful strategies for Real Estate “Flippers” and 10 more expensive Tax mistakes that cost property owners Thousands. There’s more to mileage expenses than you think, Steve will cover this simple chart.

Also borrowing against your home to convert nondeductible personal interest into deductible home equity interest. Tax Opportunities for “Real Estate Professionals” let’s you avoid “passive income” limits on Real Estate losses. Tax on most long-term capital gains is capped at 15% but that capital gains can cost you valuable deductions, credits, allowances and subject you to the Alternative Minimum Tax, Steve will make sure we understand this and more… Witholding and Estimated Tax payments, Repairs vs Improvements, Depreciating Real Estate for Maximum Savings when you “Cost Segregating” strategies….

Tonight December 27, 2010 6:30 – 9:00 pm At the SpringHill Suites Hotel, 43 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-5000 FREE to members, only $25 for guests. $99/year ($8.25/meeting) for membership!

3. Staging is POSTPONED until January 31, Karen is buried with Staging work so we’ll have a short preview 12/27 then the whole evening 1/31/2012, which she really needs, to get us up to speed on “Get it Sold before it’s Old”.

4. GOALS – most of my Real Estate and Mortgage work concerns folks Qualifying and Buying Foreclosed property at a Discount. My goal for 2012 is to make sure our several hundred members and guests Know: How the process works, How to qualify, Who sells these properties, How to receive notice of these opportunities. and most important How to Buy! I’ll start this series December 27th for you at our meeting.

How to “Hit-it” in Real Estate. Short Sales, REOs and Auctions. Tax Strategies, Staging PREVIEW, Short Sales, Refreshments, Networking and YOU December 27, 2011! Friday January 13, 2012 7-8:30pm for Movers and Shakers? Mike

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