Tonight Movers & Shakers and 90 day challenge!

Good morning Contractors, Real Estate Investors and Landlords,

REIAs – This is Mike Hurney, a Successful Investor, Landlord, Author and Director of Several years ago I realized that working for an hourly wage, no matter how much, would not allow a comfortable retirement for myself and family. Real Estate Investing, with it’s tremendous leverage did seem to accomplish that and work mostly on autopilot! I accomplished most of my goals by myself then realized there were Real Estate Investor Associations. I joined, then ran one in Dedham: New England Real Estate Investors Association for ten years. Then started which is in it’s 19th year and doing well.

Challenge – We can all figure out how to accomplish anything but it often takes a lot of wrong turns that must be corrected, hence the value of a REIA where folks network to come up with solutions before we make mistakes!

A friend threw down a challenge to me yesterday. “Have you accomplished all that you set out to accomplish in the last 9 months?” No, I’ve had some interesting situations that arose and others that got tabled.

Next he said “I’ll bet you can accomplish everything and more in the next 90+/- days (by December 31) if you get focused and accountable on a weekly basis!”

If you’re interested in accomplishing more by being accountable in the next three months, send me an email with your goals and I’ll send a message every Monday morning until December 31 to challenge and keep you (and me) focused. Of course you could also sign up for “How to Become a Real Estate in 12 Easy Lessons” (only $599.00 or $499.00 for members) and complete it by the end of the year? I look forward to working with you guys!

10/4 meeting – Movers and Shakers this evening at Denny’s of Danvers 7-8:30 PM

See you there, Mike

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