Tonight 10/19 7-8:30PM Movers and Shakers. 3 items and a PS

Good morning ALL Fellow Real Estate Investors,
3 quick things
I look forward to seeing you tonight at our Movers and Shakers:
Denny’s of Danvers, 152 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923 978-774-1897
7-8:30PM Yes, you’ll miss “Shark Tank” but it’s the same. They beat up some poor inventor and go into a Frenzy on something you never expected. Anyway it’s archived on Comcast. Complimentary to members. $5.00 for guests (the tip) Soft drinks, coffee, tea and a snack for all.

1. Tonight we cover Landlords – When do you draw the line on Tenants that are getting behind? What are the 18 breeds of dogs that your Insurance company considers unacceptable?
2. Tonight we also cover Investors – How do you get “end-buyers” (the retail purchasers that get you the highest return) in the door, not just “Kickin’ curb”? And qualifying them so you’re not “stood-up at the altar”?

3. Industry rates have been going up this week so I hope you’re locked in, or can wait a while. [email protected] 781-405-1845 cell NMLS#43341

Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616

4. PS My daughter Allison, who you’ve met at our meetings, has set up a page for ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. As I read more about it, I’m convinced it fits the expression “A fate worse than Death”. You’re welcome to donate to this worthy cause and join us at the bowl-a-thon November 17. If you know someone with this horrible affliction you may want to set up a page for this event yourself. Thanks! Mike

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