Tiger Woods house?

Privacy – I know a lot of Landlords that think they’ve got privacy by having an Unlisted phone number,a PO Box for rent receipts and a Quitclaim Deed to a Realty Trust or LLC. I usually challenge them by saying “I’ll bet a 12 year old kid can find everything about you in less than 20 minutes on the internet.”  So you might as well be accessible to the folks that are making your lifestyle possible. And Tenants appreciate it.

So with the current frenzy on Tiger Woods I tried to look up his house (Compound) in Orlando where he’s been able to avoid the media. I’m sure it’s very interesting to see all his “friends” that have come forward with their interesting stories but the only thing I’d like to see is how you live when you’ve “got it all”.

I started with a quick Google search and could only find it’s a virtual $38,000,000. estate on Jupiter Island, Florida with 10,000 SF of living space.

His other “house” in the Hamptons, Gin Lane is $65,000,000. has 13,200 SF of living space and a 7,500 SF guest house.

I’d hate to see these available for tours like the Grand Estates in Newport, RI. What do you think: He’s a survivor or it’s over? I’ve been impressed with Tiger until recently. I say he can work it out. Robbie says it’s over!

Mike Hurney

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