This Friday 1/18, Hot Mkt, pre MLS and Depot Deals

Good afternoon Fellow Real Estate Investors.

1. This Friday 1/18/2013 we meet at Denny’s of Danvers 7-8:30PM Round Robin on what you’ve got going, I’ll give an overview of Your market if you contact me before Friday. Then What I see happening in the market where you can succeed! Free to members only $5.00 for guests for our waitstaff’s tip. Soft drinks, coffee and tea.

2. For some reason my email’s been sending out info about Diets and when I contacted Google mail it was not clear how. If you check the lower right of your Gmail account and click Details it gives the IP address of any users in the past two weeks and it seems I’m the only one showing, who got in there??? I’ll figure it out and sorry for any inconvenience.

3. If I have to mention it, that there are multiple offers on anything reasonably priced and low inventory, then I know you are not in this heating-up market. You do not want to wait, get in with us. Buyer broker, seller broker call Robbie, Fund$ call Mike.

Robbie, [email protected] 781-258-5216 cell is showing a property at 3PM today to an investor buyer and when she pulled up at 2:45PM there were 20 people there already.

In my mortgage office in Woburn a woman came in to see one of my contemporaries and asked “to get PreQualified and a Commitment letter FAST, never mind about the rate” (which we seldom hear) because she had made 3 full priced offers on 3 separate houses in the Woburn Burlington area. All three were bid up beyond a reasonable price. She just had an offer accepted on a fourth that she did not want to miss. [email protected] 781-405-1845 cell

4. Robbie has a great finished house you may want to see and maybe make an offer on. It’s a Single Family, 1500 SF, 3 bed/3 bath in Swampscott for around $435k This is pre MLS so you’ll have to sign a Buyer-Broker agreement with her. I think this one’s worth it. Especially in this, did I mention, heating up market.

5. From our friends Jack and Bob at Home Depot: How about an easy New Years resolution? Get 2% cashback from Depot twice a year. Members of I’ll be glad to talk you through registering your credit cards online. I know what I spend there and  2% is not pocket change. In fact I see most you guys there between our meetings!

This month there’s also a 10% close quote at the pro Desk. Any estimate you enter, you get a 10% discount on, before January 31, 2013.

They’ve also got an Estimator system for us Investors, Rehabbers and Contractors Free and an Eagle View system that takes a series of Satellite photos to estimate your roofing materials (about $50.) I’ll have one at the next meeting to show you.

6. I should have my eBook done by the Last Tuesday meeting January 29, 2013

7. We’ll have Property Management with Moshe, Tax Abatement  and a new feature 5:30 – 6:30 PM for anyone who’s taken my Course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons” or if you’ve taken anyone else’s course (make sure you bring it for free admission to that part of the meeting) because sometimes we just get plateaued or stuck and this should help get you going again.

See you soon, Mike Hurney Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616 office

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