This evening Cures for: Mortgage defaults, Paint and Employee vs Contractor classification

Good morning Fellow Real Estate Investors,

1. I look forward to seeing you this evening where Attorney Richard will cover all the aspects of Mortgage defaults. He’ll answer: What do you do, when you believe you may get behind in your payments to your lender?

Are you thinking about purchasing a property at Auction, Foreclosure sale or Short sale, how do you check for legal entanglements?

What are the other problems that arise between Lenders and Owners, and how do you protect yourself?

2. Any problems with Paint? Sherwinn Williams will be here to help you. Brian the Store Manager will cover Application, Surface Preparation, Hot colors in our area, New products and He’s got a door prize for a lucky winner.

3. Since our IRS has staffed up with over 16,000 new agents we’ll review the difference between hiring a Contractor and an Employee so those new agents can focus on tax evaders and leave us alone. There are subtle differences between the two classifications but huge differences in the Tax payments, Penalties for wrong classifications and Interest payments. It doesn’t matter which you choose, just be prepared to do it correctly! e.g. Do you give Work Direction, Materials or Tools to your “Contractor”? Then you must classify them as??? We’ll review this tonight.

We’ll have a busy evening, including Buy, Sell and Networking, so plan on being there early, I will.

See you this evening, Mike Hurney, Director, PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639616 office [email protected] NMLS#43341 781-405-1845 cell

Our Regular meeting this evening is Always FREE to members, only $25.00 for guests and only $99.00/year to join. We’ll meet at the SpringHill Suites Hotel, 43 Newbury Street (Route 1 North just before Sonic carhop) Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-5000 Doors open at 6:00 pm and we begin with Buy, Sell Networking at 6:30 PM concluding at 9:00 PM

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