That @#$%^& refrigerator of yours just thawed all my *&^%$#@ steak, what are you going to do about it??

HOT CALL, huh?

One of my best Tenants sounded a little upset on that message so I called right back, asked the details, looked up the purchase receipt for the refrigerator (30 months old unfortunately), then planned to see it the next day. This was the second refrigerator that had done this at his apartment in the past 5 years. The first was still working fine in my cellar, as a spare when we cook a lot for the Holidays or parties.

Seemed fine to me. Cold enough for ice.  So I called my buddy Paul, THE Appliance guy. “I’m too busy. Put a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer and two quarts of milk in the refrigerator spread apart. Check it in a couple of days. Any problem and the milk should be bad.”

Couple of days later, the ice cream “Fenway fruity something” was solid and the milk smelled fresh. So I called Paul again who’s impossible to get unless you call three of his numbers, leave messages and just happen to run into him! “Only reason for this is the door was left open (check the leg adjustments to make sure it’s slightly pitched back to close by itself) or he had the steak jammed up against the defrost plate in the back.” It seems the sensor comes on to defrost that plate on a cycle and continues until it’s warm however with all that steak up against it, the defrost may have continued until it was all (steak and other frozen food) defrosted!

I called the Tenant, told him the Appliance guy had checked it out with only those two solutions. He admitted it probably was jammed against that plate but had thrown an impromptu party with his friends and the thawed steak. So no big deal. However I had better get to Paul with some Dunkin Donut gift cards and a little cash or I may not be able to track him down, the next time I need him!

Do you have a network of folks that are available to help you? Mike

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