Wholesaling/Flipping meeting 8/31 & Movers 9/5 7-8:30pm

Yesterday 8/31 Bill hosted the Wholesaling/Flipping meeting with a good turnout!
Some of his suggestions were:
1. Farm your Market for vacant houses. Email me every Friday morning with your Farming report. Farm 6 blocks each week and send me the report of the Property, Owner, their Phone Number, How you are Contacting them, What you have done to find them and the Results. Look these Property Owners up on the Website. Search for Phone Numbers at www.TheUltimates.com Click on White pages. You can do Name Search, Reverse Address, Phone Searches and be creative!
2. Phone calls to make – Keep making phone calls – 20 HomeOwners motivated to sell per week. Call Section 8 – Investors, Call all the FSBOs in the newspaper and any FSBO searches you can find online as well as any FSBO magazines.
3. Drive working class neighborhoods looking for FSBO signs.
4. Leave your BirdDog cards EVERYWHERE – in Restaurants, Grocery Shelves, Home Improvement Stores, Books in the RE section of Barnes and Noble or the Library, in the Doctor’s office, EVERYWHERE.
If you missed the meeting, we missed you too!
I’m glad to send you the rest of Bill’s “Things you should be Doing!!” and his “Tear-Off” sheet, just email [email protected]
PS The most important thing I added was – Use your cell number for any of your Ads and always answer it IMMEDIATELY. People move on pretty fast… like to Bill, Rob, Jay, Dan, Leonard, Patience, etc

PPS See you this Friday 9/5 7-8:30pm for Movers and Shakers at Denny’s of Danvers.

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