Cyber Security

I just finished a Book-on-tape (CD actually):

Thinking about Cybersecurity: from Cyber crime to Cyber warfare by Paul Rozenweig.

Very insightful guide to which particular country has hacked into everywhere from Manufacturers to Defense Contractors to General Petraius’s phones and emails.

Also some guides:

You may want use some of these software programs:

  1. ERASER (once a week?) to completely delete any files you no longer need.

2. “https:Everywhere” makes your searches secure.

3. “Cookie cleaner” removes all your cookies completely, ( once a month?)

4. Ever hear how “Collusion” records everyone’s searches on the internet and makes them available for sale? “TOR Project” The Onion Router sends your searches through many routers worldwide concealing your IP address.

5. Place your Router in the basement which will make service available mainly in your home. Placing it in the attic makes it more available for folks on the street, cruisers.

6. Turn off “Automatic Log In” for instance if you set your device to look for ATTWifi (Starbucks) and someone renames their Router “ATTWifi” then your device will log you on, and all your data. Read the news at Starbucks but do your secure transactions and personal work in a secure renamed router with a strong new password.

7. Use “TrueCrypt” to encrypt your files that you don’t want to anyone to access.

8. Use “Robo Form”, “My Info Safe” or “Privacy Drive” to keep all your passwords safe but don’t lose that access password.

60 minutes did a segment last night 4/17/16 on hacking that was also very insightful. The shows are archived if you want to see it. It seems there’s a flaw in the SS7 program that gives anyone access to your Phone and in turn email and bank info. They had someone hack into a Senator’s phone, he happens to be in charge of National CyberSecurity with a PhD in computer science. They got all his calls recordee, who called him and more. Of course he thought it was outrageous and will demand it be corrected immediately! We’ll see, Mike


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