Sunday SubGroup, Friday 2/6 Movers and Shakers & Flat Roofs?

Email that just went out 1/30/15 1:33pm

Good afternoon Fellow RE Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

This Sunday we’ll be meeting (after you’ve gone to your Service of course) 9-11am at Panera, 647 Broadway (Route 1) Saugus, MA. This is our Wholesaling/Flipping subgroup which has been gaining some traction and results! Mainly folks are learning if they contact the Owners directly and they’re not interested in a Wholesale Offer, then there are four alternatives we can offer them.

We look forward to see you Sunday at 9am, Mike

Next Friday 2/6/15 We’ve got our Movers and Shakers meeting where we Update on the local RE market, what’s happening in finance, round robin of what everyone’s doing and an analysis of your local markets (if you let us know which markets before 2/6). Analysis finds the hottest segment (SOLDS -close List/Sale ratio & lowest DOM (Days On Market)) and an update on that segments’ inventory. Complimentary refreshments, no charge to members only $5/guests as a tip to the waitstaff.

Go Pats, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-639-8616

PS Got a flat roof? You may want to get someone (who knows roofs, like Mike Dembowski 781-838-1247)to help with snow removal. With these continuing storms it can build up, exceed your buildings’ live load and cause a failure of the support structure;-( Actually Mike D just said he gets more work from Owners with their own roof rakes who inadvertently damage the roof itself and cause leaks.

I’ve placed an image of one of my flat roofs that had 3 feet of snow which we removed. It’s unusual because some of my flat roofs had no snow while others had that 3 feet. Be careful either way!

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