SPOA action for Landlords to contact Legislators!!! Mui Importante’

SPOA action for Landlords to contact Legislators!!! Mui Importante’
Our friends at Small Property Owners Association have been busy following this Legislation which you MUST act on (Call & Email this Conference committee!)
Dear SPOA Friends and Followers:
The State Legislature has gone on a short break, but an important Conference Committee is meeting right now.
Two “Economic Development” bills have been passed, one by the House, the other by the Senate, with some different provisions in them. The Conference Committee is meeting to put together one final bill that the Conference Committee believes will pass both chambers.
For our concerns, one bill has “tenant right to purchase” and the other bill has “eviction sealing.” The committee could reject both, accept both, or choose one and not the other – for the final bill.

We want them to reject both.

In two links further below, we explain each of these provisions and why they are harmful to us and to rental housing. Please read each of these links and then formulate your own thoughts and words in an email or phone call, urging the Committee members to reject both of them. Your message can be much shorter than our explanations.
For your convenience, we have put the email addresses below of the Conference Committee members in one list to copy-and-paste into the address line of a new email. Give a good subject for your email and write your comments. Thus, just one email sent by you will reach all six members of the Conference Committee.
You can also call the Committee members and leave a voice message. The Conference Committee members and their phone numbers are:
  • Representative Aaron Michlewitz            (617) 722-2990
  • Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante    (617) 722-2370
  • Representative Donald Wong                  (617) 722-2488
  • Senator Eric Lesser                                (617) 722-1291
  • Senator Michael Rodrigues                      (617) 722-1114
  • Senator Patrick O’Connor                        (617) 722-1646
Here is the list of their email addresses. Just copy and paste into the “TO” line of a new email, type your message, and send.
SPOA’s testimony on
SPOA’s Agenda
  • End the eviction moratorium!!!
  • Mandatory rent escrowing to stop the “free rent trick”
  • Massachusetts Commission on Rental Housing Policy to bring all stakeholders together for reasonable policy discussion
  • Zoning reform to allow some large apartments to be subdivided into two smaller, lower-rent units
  • Defund legal services or require representation for both parties
  • Restrict habitability codes (“state sanitary code”) to conditions truly affecting health or safety
  • End and defend against landlord-tenant laws or proposals that harm small landlords and private rental housing, including rent control, rent cancellation, tenant right to counsel, eviction sealing, tenant right to purchase, and others
  • A federal rent control prohibition law that denies federal funding to jurisdictions with rent control

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