Simple 3 ways for more Internet Traffic:

Janine attended our last Movers and Shakers and followed up with this short article:

Do You Need More Internet Traffic?  Here’s three ways to bring leads to your Inbox!

This day in age, it’s almost impossible to market your business without an online marketing plan.  You

know you need a website, but beyond that, what needs to be done?  Here are three points to remember

when building your online presence.

1. Having a web presence is key.  A Facebook page is not adequate on its own.  There is a lot of

information that cannot be easily found on a Facebook page; it does, however, have its perks

(see #3).  A good website is eye-catching, without being too cluttered.  It is also essential to have

online forms for interested parties to get in touch with you and register for your email list. You

can have these items programmed for you by a webmaster for hire, or you can use one of the

many pay sites out there.  I recommend

2. OK, you’ve got a web presence.  How do you get people to check it out?  Register your website

and business with the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). Registering your business

with the Big Three is completely free.  This allows your business to be associated with real estate

internet searches in your area.  You can also use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase

your visibility to search engines.  In a nutshell, SEO means using keywords and content to make

your site rank higher in search engine output.

3. The newest rage in online marketing is Inbound Marketing – it’s the practice of using content

and backlinks to make your online presence more popular.  The interaction of social media (this

is where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. come in), blogging, and putting your web address on

absolutely everything.  The more traffic you can generate, the better you rank with first-time

searches from potential leads.

Everything is done online, from paying bills to keeping in touch with people you haven’t seen since high

school. Take you real estate investment business to the next level with Online Marketing!

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