Seems like there’s opportunities. Mike, where do I start?

It depends on where you are and where you’d like to end up? I’ve worked with several couples looking for a great deal who feel this is a very opportune time. It’s good to work with folks that aren’t afraid of  some effort that like to “work-smart” and not waste time.

Starting out I use the government guides: Homeownership Guides
Buying? Selling? Moving up? Investing?

There’s usually Nine steps to buying a home:
1. Figure out how much you can afford?
2. Know your rights
3. Shop for a loan?
4. Learn about homebuying programs
5. Shop for a home, let’s focus on some specific areas?
6. Make an offer
7. Get a home inspection
8. Shop for homeowners insurance
9. Sign papers. Settle in and enjoy.

Once we’ve answered the questions with a Timetable we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Ready? 781-405-1845 Buying? Selling? Moving up? Investing?

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