See you tomorrow 4/27/13 at the Dedham Hilton!

Good morning fellow Real Estate Investors,
I’m looking forward to seeing most of you at the Hilton tomorrow and Sunday mornings for Dave Lindahls
P3CS, FIRST presentation!

PS Tom Just called with a load of 1/2″ plywood 38″ X 8′ must get it today 617-697-7330

I’ll be at Daves event in Dedham (maybe a little bit late, Shellfishing at 6:54 AM -1.7 low tide will end the season!) but we’ll have the MLS for property online for any comparables or listings you need, Robbie can make offers and I can Prequalify you.
To sign up for the event you can use this link and get the $704. worth of Reports and Tools for attending and No Charge for this weekend! (this Link is also on the homepage) When you sign up with this I’ll even buy you a hot dog with sauerkraut at Costco’s for lunch;-)
So in addition to Dave’s presentation this will be a working meeting for us to do some Real Estate!

Interesting problem last night when a Tenant called 6:00pm, no power! When she reset the main circuit breaker it sparked and smoked! Checked it out ASAP called a couple of electricians, local guy got there in half an hour, seems the water heater breaker, 30a, had heated so many times it fused the buss bars. So off to Depot with our discount (and 2% cashback for members, call me if you’re not receiving it) for a Square D 100a 20circuit panel. We replaced the buss and grounding guts and had it operational by 10:30pm. It pays to have good contacts you can rely on!

By the bye today is the last Friday of the month so, fellow Landlords, you may want to stick a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope under your Tenants doors, as I do. Seems there’s always someone who forgets your address or doesn’t have a stamp.

See you tomorrow, Starts at 8:00 AM, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616 office My cell 781-405-1845.

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