See you this evening 3/6 and get a back-up Sump Pump?

Good afternoon, fellow Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

1. I’m looking forward to see you at 7-8:30pm for our Movers and Shakers. I’ve got some interesting numbers to share with you about where I think the Sweet-Spot (price bracket) is for Peabody (or your own “farm”) and why.

2. When I stopped in the Somerville Home Depot this morning, I spoke to Eric and Leor to see what Depot is gearing up for. They asked me to look at the 5-10 day extended forecast because they’re looking at the water damage their customers will have with the upcoming “heatwave”.

Remember when your Sump Pump (if you’re unfortunate enough to need one) wasn’t working, you were ankle deep in cold water, then had to go out looking for one. Of course everyone else was looking for Sump Pumps and there were none left!

So their message was: ASAP – grab another Sump Pump, hoses, clamps, trash bags, and a New product I wasn’t familiar with “DampRid” (crystals that absorb water. I’ve got two jars for tonights meeting. DoorPrize?) Also most of us Contractors and Landlords already have a WetVac and Dehumidifier. Hopefully all this snow will melt and evaporate, then we won’t need these items for water problems.

Of course Depot is all set for April/May with Roofing for the Ice Dam Removal damage and plenty of Paint for inside work.

3. Rate lock guy I listen to, had this, in anticipation of the Fed Jobs Report: “In yesterday’s (3/5/15) advice I warned about how today was going to go, and that locking ahead of today’s action was the right call. By the way – don’t look for improvement anytime soon. Rates are likely to continue to creep up in the near future. Don’t shoot the messenger. :)” [email protected] Cell 781-405-1845 NMLS#43341 for Finance help.

See you at Denny’s of Danvers, 7pm, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-639-8616


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