See you This Evening 3/15/2013 7-8:30 PM for Movers and Shakers!

Good afternoon Fellow Real Estate Investors and Fellow Contractors,

This evening – Friday, at our Movers and Shakers meeting, March 15, 2013 7-8:30 PM at Dennys’ of Danvers 152 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923

We’ll cover the “Sweet Spots” for Real Estate investing in Danvers. (and YOUR “farm” area if you get us the City/Town before the meeting). Round Robin for everyone, What you’re working on? Any help you could use? What you’ve had success with? I’ll cover the RE and Finance Market! Always FREE to members, only $5. for guests (gratuity for our waitstaff) Refreshments (coffee, soft drinks, dessert). Only $99.00 year to join ($4.13/meeting).

See you tonight, Mike Hurney, Director, PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616 office [email protected] NMLS#43341 781-405-1845 cell

PS It’s said that still over 1/3 of homes are “under water” where an Owner owes more than the house is worth. So we’re having the TOP loss Mitigator join us March 26, 2013 at our regular monthly meeting. If you have ANYTHING to do with Real Estate, Please Do Not Miss this event.

PPS Also 3/26/2013 Contractors, you may want to meet Cy, THE Workmans’ Comp Insurer for New England! You’ll learn what your Liability exposure is? What a Problem could cost you? and How to avoid ANY problems!

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