See you Saturday 3/3 9:00 AM with Robyn. and her give-away bonuses are…

3/1/2012 4:32 PM Email – Subject: See you Saturday 3/3 How to Rehab for Profit$ with Robyn Thompson
Hey, Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Great meeting with Robyn last Tuesday and here’s the follow-up all day coming Saturday:
1. There are still several seats available
2. Who’s coming and why
3. Tom
4. Robyn’s bonuses

1. There are still several seats for Robyn’s All-day event You can join
Deborah, Susan, Joseph, Mark, Henk, Felicia, Lilia, John, Michelle, Tina, Margarita, Husband, John, Sean, Kathy, Eileen, Glenn, Karen, Tom, Mike, Jim, Lance, Don, Donald, Jeff, Karen, Cindy, Lynne, Mike, Roberta, Mike

2. Who’s coming and why? Either learn something new or get tuned up, almost like a Continuing Education Class (which Doctors, Lawyers, Brokers and Tradesmen have to do annually) Frankly there’s a good amount of knowledge and where better to get it at the source!

There’s something for everyone. Starting with Bird Dogging which our local Bill McClory does. He’ll tell you which types and prices of houses he’s looking for. When you find one that he buys, he’ll pay you $2,000. Ca$h
At the other end of the spectrum there are several “Heavies” that is experienced SUCCESSFUL investors. One in particular is Jeff who wrote “Hey Mike, it’s Jeff, is it possible for me to purchase 2 tickets for Saturday? I enjoyed Robyn the last time (several years ago)! Thanks, Jeff” Done!

3. Tom the Plumber “This year we’ve all had a break from the high cost of fuel, simply because the Winter has been warmer. This should mean there is more money available. Add to this “tax time” which hopefully means returns and then you have cabin fever that always plays a role. It seems a long way off but I believe we’ll have another Winter! This time next year you’ll have saved Plenty with the Comfort a New efficient and/or Conversion boiler that I can easily and inexpensively install for you! Thomas Hoyle 617-697-7330

4. Robyn’s bonuses – “The fast track “Principals to Wealth” is a 2 CD set.  The First CD teaches students the three ingredients to Wealth no matter what your current financial state, the Critical steps to wealth accumulation, the Absolute Fastest way to get out of debt and the 5 Easy Steps to building your Millionaire Mind.   The Second CD is specific to Real Estate and I teach students at least 7 Ways to do Real Estate Deals if you have no cash.  These were the strategies I used in my first 18 months in Real Estate.  The value of the CD’s is Priceless. I usually sell them for only $199.  I will bring one for everyone who attends… See you there!” Robyn

I look forward to seeing you at 8:30 AM at the SpringHill Suites Hotel 43 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960 Only

Only $79 Non-Members, $49 for Non-member Spouse.

$39 for Members, $29. for Member Spouse.

Mike Hurney, Director

PO Box 307

Marblehead, MA 01945

781-639-8616 [email protected]

Massachusetts Real Estate Investors Association
PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945, USA

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