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Good morning Fellow Real Estate Investors,

Important Article:     I’ve got a good friend Bob that turned his life around in the past eight months with advice from his Doctor and a book called the China Study. He’s suggested many times that I read it. Finally I did:-0 If you go to and read the 7 page excerpt, I think you’ll be impressed. I’ve got faith that you’ll take some of the suggestions to heart, especially knowing how many people in your life depend on you and look up to you.

RE Market:     How do you know when a Market has bottomed and is turning up? I think we’re here! Although it could be derailed with events way beyond our control. This Friday at our Movers and Shakers meeting at Denny’s in Danvers, 152 Endicott Street, Danvers MA 01923 7-8:30 PM we’ll cover our Networking, Round Robin for What’s working? and What you need? Also let me know your “farm area” (the area you cover in your Real Estate business) and we’ll do a quick analysis of it, showing where your opportunities are.

Gas conversion:     Tom the Plumber ( 617-697-7330 is kicking off his Spring Boiler Conversion season:

“• My customers continue to respond to the tremendous price advantage of natural gas.
• Converting to natural gas can save you up to 50% on your heating costs, with heating oil
prices more than double the cost of natural gas. And with the Iran/Israel/USA situation still volatile, could rise even higher.
• The Natural Gas vs. #2 Heating Oil Chart developed using the U.S. Department of Energy Pricing
Forecast: confirms how the price advantage continues to increase year-after-year.
Help our Environment
• While my customers are driven by cost savings, don’t forget that natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 27% compared with heating oil.
Greater Convenience
• Additionally, natural gas is delivered directly to your home or rentals using underground pipes,
eliminating the need to schedule deliveries and providing a more reliable source of heating fuel.

Act now and you could cut your home heating bills in half*!
Convert to clean, natural gas.
*Savings and energy efficiency experiences may vary. Offer is not valid to customers unless a gas main is in front of their home.
Additional fees will apply for those customers requiring a service line connection. Some restrictions may apply.”
You can call 617-697-7330 now to setup an appointment for us to check out your system before this offer ends.

Tom has also been stressing that if you have a Plumbing problem: leaking pipes, bad venting, slow drainage, inadequate/over shooting your Thermostat settings you can also give him a quick call. As you know when you sell, the new Buyer will take money off the purchase price plus a premium to have it fixed. Why not enjoy a  working system now?

See you tomorrow evening! Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616

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