Seasonality! You can get in now.

Here’s some data I put together for an aggressive RE Investor I’m working with, to show the Seasonality for Peabody (where we meet monthly. Actually you’ll see this in almost every town.) and how we can take advantage of it! I’m sharing this with you Fellow Real Estate Investors so you don’t “miss this boat” of Opportunity!

You can call 781-405-1845 cell or email [email protected] and we can PreQualify you for Financing, Help you stake out an area, Structure and Present an offer and Mainly guide you to take advantage of this slow time before the competition heats up and everyone is in on the Real Estate Comeback of 2013!

December 2011:     20SF/13CC/1MF  – 103DOM/119/38 – $319k/$203k/$254k

January 2012:     10SF/6CC/2MF – 102DOM/129/42 – $305k/$162k/$278k

February 2012:     18SF/2CC/2MF  – 136 DOM/18/86 – $271k/$115k/$235k

March 2012:     14SF/7CC/4MF  – 169DOM/117/77 – $300k/$135k/$302k

April 2012:     39SF/9CC/2MF  – 114DOM/112/38 – $293k/$214k/$275k

May 2012:     38SF/12CC/2MF  – 96DOM/86/50 – $312k/$221k/$400k

June 2012:     46SF/6CC/1MF  – 64DOM/71/165 – $332k/$185k/$340k

July 2012:     38SF/11CC/0MF  – 81DOM/11/0 – $331k/$217k/0

August 2012:     27SF/6CC/2MF  – 102DOM/110/7 – $317k/$199k/$302k

September 2012:     41SF/12CC/1MF  – 92DOM/118/47 – $3109k/$205k/$223k

October 2012:     24SF/14CC/3MF  – 78DOM/132/96 – $332k/$222k/$244k

November 2012:     25SF/11CC/2MF  – 79DOM/95/165 – $300k/$204k/$335k

December 2012:     23SF/8CC/1MF  – 99DOM/115/86 – $326k/$211k/$285k

January 2013: Looking good for us RE Investors!

You can jump in or call me and we’ll review YOUR market and some next steps for YOU. (Or even go over this (raw) data with some coffee, if it’s tough to follow.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Movers and Shakers January 18, 2013 and our Main meeting January 29, 2013. Good luck Investing, Mike Hurney [email protected]


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