Rental Guidelines

Rental Guidelines

When someone responds to your written/text ad….

AD – Brief description, Street, number, town. Bedrooms, baths. $/month, 1st? Last? Security? Utilities?

usually they will then ask about pictures…

Sorry they’re finishing a little work on it. Or There’s someone still living there.

We would actually like to know more about this Potential Tenant:

  1. When are you looking to move in?
  2. Tell me a little bit about your job?
  3. How many people are with you?
  4. Is your Souse/Partner also working?

If those answers are making sense to you…

Good this sounds like we should meet,  there….

At the property, call someone or leave a message(family, friend) to let them know where you are and with who! There are still scammers out there...

If, after meeting and touring the property, it seems like a match, you can take a picture of their government ID picture license. Give the potential Tenant an approved (Greater ?somewhere Real Estate Board) make sure there are spaces for DOB & SS! Otherwise it’s not possible to run credit/Tenant check!

What’s important, in your Tenant investigation? housing Court – Nothing there, ONLY!

Credit – Cable company, Medical charge offs No big deal

On income

Two weeks net income  = monthly rent.

Bank statement showing last two months have a balance >/= move in cost!