Recap of 8/12/16 Movers and Shakers

Short (until 9:30pm;-) but important meeting last Friday:
Liann Joined us and told about her 6 unit and 2 duplexes in NH
“Hi Mike,
Delighted to meet you as well.  I learned a lot listening to the dialog amongst the participants.  And … I am so excited about the potential opportunities as well.  Just a great result!
Looking forward to future meetings,
We then hooked her up with a gentleman, Mark, that is THE expert on getting Real Estate Tax Abatements lowered significantly in NH (as you know the RE taxes can be as high as $28./1000. in the Granite state)
also we got her the link for leads using our real e flow system (only $7/month).
The dialog she referred to was Bill’s latest “Flip” (a Flip being a property you Sell before you Buy). It seems the Buyer for this “Killer Deal” (Bill should clear $25,000.) is using an attorney with a proven track record of Delays, Inattention to Details and chasing closing items that are NOT needed.
As we questioned Bill, being the “Monday morning Quarterbacks” we tend to be, I asked two questions that I ask all the students/partners in my Course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons” by Mike Hurney
1. If I had these Problems/Concerns, what would YOU advise ME to do?
2. What would you do differently?
We’ll check in with Bill today to see how he made out…
Don R. is getting back in the game, Real Estate that is and for ease of entry we suggested he spend time “Bird-Dogging” (finding deals, for a fee, for Investors that can handle them, for now) with Bill.
Don S. wants to sit on the sidelines with his chest of private money (translation – he hasn’t found a killer deal to invest in, this week;-)
Jason just got through a tough deal, getting much more involved than he had planned, partners had different plans and the Seller reneged with a Stop Payment on negotiated fees:-( So he wants to cool it. I disagreed because he’s learned more important lessons on Real Estate Investing than most Investors learn in a couple of years. Get back in the game, you’ve been seasoned!
John has two deals to look at (to finance them) and he’s completing another.
Jay needed a Plumber & HVAC contractor because his regulars are so busy they can’t even look at his 3 projects. We gave him Tom the Plumbers‘ contact info and he should be all set.
I updated everyone on my rental upgrades.
See you soon, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 [email protected] 781-405-1845
PS Ultimate Partnering 8 this week August 19-21 see you there, you can call/text me for details.

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