Real Estate Weekly Update October 27, 2019

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Housing Starts & Building Permits Down in September
The U.S. government is reporting that privately-owned housing starts in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,256,000.  This figure is 9.4% below August’s revised estimate but is 1.6% higher than September, 2018. Click here to read more.
Top 10 Markets for Flipping
The good folks over at said that it seems like everyone is getting into real estate game or at least dreaming about it.  In fact, they remind everyone that it’s just not as easy as it looks on HGTV and that something called reality sets in. Click here to read more.
Housing America’s Older Adults
We have posted a lot about the growing segment of retiring baby-boomers and where/how they’re going to live.  A new report from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) says “housing inequality is becoming increasingly evident among older Americans as the number of older households climbs to unprecedented levels” and with that the requisite cost burden warnings. Click here to read more.
Did Someone Get Killed in that Property You’re About to Buy?
 When you’re researching a property, have you ever wondered, “did someone ever die or get killed here???”  An eerie online site called will, for a small fee, generate a report using millions of records to determine if a death occurred at any valid US address. Click here to read more.
Homeowners Tapping into the Auxiliary Dwelling Unit Trend
Recently we saw a garden shed apartment that was being rented out for over $1k per month, now we’ve learned from CNBC’s Diana Olick, that more & more homeowners are carving out revenue streams from their backyards by constructing auxiliary dwelling units (ADU). Click here to read more.
Rents Grow & Vacancy Rates Shrink in Manufactured-Home Communities
A new study says that as the demand for workforce housing is growing, so too is the demand for renting in manufactured-home communities (MHC).  Citing a recent study, the Scotsman Guide is reporting that this trend is being fueled by the relatively low price of renting in an MHC compared to the cost to rent an apartment. Click here to read more.
Nonrevolving Debt is Surging
The NAHB’s Eye on Housing picked up on an interesting tidbit in the latest Federal Reserve G.19 Consumer Credit Report that shows rising trends in consumer credit, excluding loans secured by real estate, through August 2019. Click here to read more.
Opportunity Zones Show Potential for Small Businesses, Neighborhoods
As the ranking member of the House Committee on Small Business, I hear time and time again from small business owners who become entrepreneurs to achieve the American Dream. However, their continued success can create ripples far beyond their individual lives. When their businesses hire or expand facilities, they create jobs and drive the economy in their communities. A slate of successful businesses, combined with pro-business policies, can attract potential investors and entrepreneurs to the area and create a positive business ecosystem.  Click here to read more.
2019’s Best Places to Trick-or-Treat
Infographic:  Halloween is next week and with that notion (or potion, if you will), the scary folks over at smartasset once again came up with their list of the top 25 cities in America for trick-or-treating. Click here to read more.

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