Real Estate Tax Abatements & Ask the Builder 1/27/16 follow-up

RE Tax Abatement Attorneys
Counsellor Jordan-Price, Mike, Counsellors Gilbert and Landergan
Ask the Builders: Rich, Mike, Steve and Tom

Interesting meeting last Tuesday, Real Estate Tax Abatements & Ask the Builder, here’s some contact information:

Commercial Real Estate (Tax Abatement) Attorneys:

1. Kelley Jordan-Price [email protected] 617-378-4158

2. Attorney Laurel M. Gilbert [email protected] 617-378-4160

3. Residential Real Estate (Tax Abatement) Attorney James Landergan [email protected] 781-639-1500

4. General Contractor and master Electrician Rich Ceruolo 781-820-3209

5. General Contractor [email protected]

6. Plumbing Contractor 617-697-7330

7. Master Kitchen Designer Jason Clairday 978-826-5434 [email protected] Our host!

8. Discount Flooring for Keri West 978-854-5671 [email protected]

I began with an update on the HUD Fair Housing Training Conference I attended at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 1/21/16; Housing has become somewhat of a mine field for Landlords, even with their Best intentions, when they don’t keep up on these issues. Even Lead Paint. No one put up lead paint to poison anyone. At the time it was sold, it cost extra and promised to last much longer, however…

One of the problems Fair Housing people see is when an Owner Occupied 2 family has a potential Tenant with kids under 6. If they sorrowfully tell them “No I don’t want to rent to you, I believe the house has Lead Paint and you have children under 6.” That’s discrimination of a protected class and it’s a slam dunk for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination to slap a huge Punitive Fine on that Landlord. The law reads that in that situation “You Shall DeLead the unit!”

Anyway HUD went through their 7 Protected Classes but MCAD told us they’ve added 8 more. Be careful, stay up on the law and I’ll gladly send those 15 to you at your request.

Next The Attorneys gave us many tips on whether you should file a Real Estate Tax Abatement, showed us how and offered their help.

We then took the three quick steps to calculate actual value for Jim’s house in Marblehead.

Rich told us a trend he’s seeing occurs when a House Inspection (actually he’s seen 3 of these kitchen projects recently) will uncover significant work that’s been done, without a Building Permit and the City/Town Inspector will demand it be removed:-( He then gave us tips on the new Arc-Fault-Detectors required in Rehabs.

Steve gave us insight for using a GC vs taming the trades (subcontractors) and what you should use for a Sequence of Work.

Tom finished up with his Plumbing/Heating tips on placement of pipes (never in outside walls) and updating equipment, especially those 6 year water heaters that fail in 6.5 years.

I ended with advising Investors to keep an eye on the Market, which I think is near the Top, and the upcoming election which may be a big change.

See you soon, Mike Hurney


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