Real Estate – “Shotgun-Style”

Just like in a Golf Tournament, when you start “Shotgun-Style”, we’ve been doing our Real Estate education in the same manner. Shotgun is where everyone begins a round of 18 holes at once, all at different holes then finishes all 18 holes at once in 3-4 hours.

No matter which month you begin, in 12 months you’ve completed everything necessary for an understanding of the entire Real Estate cycle.
The Caveat is that traditional Real Estate follows the “Herd” mentality where folks do something because “everyone else is doing it”.
Successful Real Estate Investors work on a Counter Trend
Buying when everyone else is Selling and Selling when everyone is Buying. We’re also not very greedy!
So continue your 12 month journey with us June 30, continue for 12 months and you should “Know-it-all” when you’re done!
Here’s the twelve topics necessary and at the next meeting we’ll teach: Where the successful investors are in the cycle? How to do it? and What’s next?
See you next Tuesday, Mike
1. Types of Real Estate and Finding an area to invest in.
2. Financing.
3. Partners.
4. Finding Property.
5. Offers – “Offer to Purchase” form, Counters, “Purchase and Sale” agreement, Closing the sale.
6. How to Hold that property? Asset Protection.
7. What and How to Fix it up? General Contractors.
8. Fix-up with Sub-contractors.
9. Plan B. Renting
10. Selling.
11. Marketing.
12. Post Mortem (What happened? & Do It Again!)

Where do you think we are as Counter-Trend Successful Real Estate Investors?

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  1. Mike,

    All great points. Through my tax law firm and my 1031 exchange company, I often see novice investors who have not taken the time to fully understand the cycle as you have described it. I would think this analysis would be useful for experienced investors as well. Keep up the good work!

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