Real Estate Investors – REQUIRED READING

1. Useful IRS Publications:

523: Selling your house.

527: Residential Rental Property.

530: Tax information for homeowners.

534: Depreciating property placed in service before 1987.

541: Partnerships.

550: Investment income and expenses.

551: Basis of Assets.

583: Starting a business and keeping records.

590: Individual retirement arrangements.

936: Home mortgage interest deduction.

938: Real Estate mortgage investment conduits.

These publications are available online at or by calling 800-829-3676 Reprinted courtesy of GLA August 2012

2. Also to help you through the next election:

“Griftopia” by Matt Taibbi

Good Luck Investing, Mike

P.S. 3. The Gypsum Construction Handbook is available at –

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