Real Estate Investing Primer for YOU.

What type of Investing is for you?

It mostly depends on  YOU?

1. Your appetite for risk?

2. Your Ability to Work vs Direct Workers?

3. Your Access to Funds?

4. Your need for Return?

5. Active/Passive?

6. Proximity, drivable distance vs Out of State/Country?

7. Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Land/ Notes?

Personally when I began, 1. My Appetite for risk was high, as the song says “When you ain’t got nothin, you got nothin to lose!” So I was more adventurous then! 2. Working for a General Contractor through High School and College gave me some trade skills and understanding of Construction. Then my Engineering degree and the MBA Honeywell sent me for, helped me to Direct Workers thereby multiplying my “reach”! 3. I did take a while to realize the difference between Residential Lending and Commercial. Residential is ALL You, and Your Credit (dings and all) vs Commercial/Private which is all about the hard asset. 4. With a good position (highly compensated), most of the time I did not need much positive “cash-flow” which guided me towards higher Appreciating Assets with lower or slightly negative cash-flow. 5. I’m still very Active on Construction with subs but I do have Passive investments that I’ve never seen, with high rates of return. This takes a thorough analysis and working with trusted advisors. 6. I like Drivable, next time you’re in a plane, look down. There’s a lot of Real Estate close to you. Sometimes you’re not looking in the right places. 7. I like all of the above 5.

As the author of “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Simple Lessons” I’m glad to give you some feedback. If you’d like, email [email protected] the answers to those 7 items above. Good Luck Investing!

PS According to Cherif, our speaker for May 29, 2018:

“No matter what job, professional career or business endeavor you end up having, you must consider investing real estate. The key thing however is to look for turnkey income whether from a commercial NNN lease or a residential home, that is rehabbed, rented and managed by a reliable company. This way you will become wealthy in a reliable, easy to calculate manner, and time becomes your friend.”

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