Real Estate – How’s your area doing? (Heating up here)

At our last Mover’s and Shaker’s meeting I did a quick analysis of Single Families in Peabody:

(We can analyze your area also ([email protected]))
Single Family houses Sold, Peabody, Massachusetts
8/2/13 – 1 month    42 SF houses    29.93 Days on Market    $339,069.00 Avg. Sale

6/2/2013 – 7/2/13   31 SF houses    54.48 Days on Market   $334,665.00 Avg. Sale

7/2/2012 – 8/2/12   38 SF houses   81.21  Days on Market    $331,300.00 Avg. Sale

This data clearly shows how Days On the Market is dropping significantly and prices are creeping up. If you’re on the fence you may want to get in now! Real Estate Broker – [email protected]  781-258-5216 cell. Purchase and Refinance mortgages [email protected] 781-405-1845 cell


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