Poster Child, PS from Joe, 60 minutes, my PS

Poster Child for ACTION, PS from Joe, 60 minutes. my PS

Poster Child – Sometimes I’ll read Adam Steer, a Speaker that on occasion resonates with me. On Procrastination:

“No matter what it is, I guarantee there’s some sort of fear lurking beneath whatever justification you’re giving yourself for not taking massive action on your goals today.” His solution: Get perspective on that Fear, Take the First step, One Foot in front of the other, Divide your Goal into Small chunks.

Well last evening after sending out an email about Noteschool and all their opportunities I received this:

“Hah!  I’m ahead of you. I’m on a plane for Fort Lauderdale tomorrow!


If you have anything you’re procrastinating about, then you better jump on it before someone like Nanci, our new Poster Child for Taking Action, jumps in front of you!

PS Also after sending the Email, Joe, our instructor for last Saturday’s Buying and Selling Notes for Profit, reminded me of the fact that You AND a Partner go to NoteSchool for that one price, either $795 for one 3 day or $1297 for both Performing Notes 3 day & NonPerforming Notes 3 day. This also includes the online course. But only ones set of Books to share between partners.

60 minutes – anyone see last Sunday? The head of our FBI was asked about hacking and said: It is so prevalent that they’ve divided US Companies into two groups:

1. Companies that the Chinese have hacked into.

2. Companies that do not know the Chinese have hacked into them.

Stan the Computer guy who spoke to us several months ago still advises us to:

*Use something like AVG for virusware.

*Use Malware weekly for email/spam cleanup.

*Do not open attachments.

*Very judiciously give out personal information…

See you soon, Mike Hurney

my Post Script Of course Joe asked me what I got out of his Saturday class, which was:

I like the fact that I can split notes. He had examples of a Note purchases which were then partially sold for what his original purchase price was and then he’d collect on the remainder of the note payments!

You can review the “tapes” of properties and notes which come from the Hedge Funds each morning and decide to Buy, Investigate further or Pass.

There are companies that will review the documents (inexpensively $150.) you receive on each note which can be extensive since they’re the entire history of the note because your 30 day rescission period goes by fast!

I think it’s a great opportunity, that’s why I’m at the online course now.

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