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Hey Stan,
My laptop keeps slowing down with a message about a script:

Wait or Stop: https://tsjs.s3.amazonaws.com/tsjs_couponbuddy_v003_m.js?ctid=ct3317212~b1043~c0~d20140216&isMAM=1:591

When I went to that location I found a huge file that I can’t delete?
I use AVG spyware/virus protection but someone said to use TrendMicro.com
Any ideas? Mike


Hi Mike,
There are a number of good anti-virus packages.  I like to use two:
·         Microsoft Security Essentials – from www.microsoft.com – very good proactive software.  Scans can be scheduled in the settings tab.  Schedule a full scan once per week.
·         Malwarebytes – from www.malwarebytes.org – very good reactive software.  Run a full scan about once per week.
The MS Security Essentials is free.  The Marlwarebytes software has a free version as well.

If you install these you should remove ALL other anti-virus software.  Too many anti-virus packages really slow down a computer.  Norton (Symantec) and MacAfee both can absolutely kill a system.

What you are describing sounds like too many things are interfering with your Internet browser.  Once you have squared away your anti-virus software, look into your toolbars.  These can mess things up too.  Especially the Ask toolbar.  Some weather toolbars can be problematic as well.

Finally, I do not know if you have ever used Mozilla Firefox, but you may want to download a free copy of that as well (www.mozilla.org and www.mozilla.org) .  This runs very fast in about half of the memory used by Internet Explorer and about 30% less than Google Chrome.  Some people love it and others don’t.  But at the price, free, you can’t go too far wrong.

Best regards,

Stan Hackney Systems
166 Green Street
Marblehead, MA  01945
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