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Good afternoon Fellow Investors,

We’re relaunching our website, so I’d like to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself. I’ll be blogging twice a week on these businesses so you’re welcome to join us or comment.

1. Investor Association –
2. My Self-Study course – “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Tough (actually EASY) Lessons” [email protected]
3. Guaranteed the Lowest Rate Mortgages!
4. Self Direct your retirement money in something you know and understand – Real Estate, Private Lending and Private Placements. Tax Free or Tax Deferred!

Like most of you Investors, I’m involved in several businesses

1. Director/Owner of which is an Association of independent Real Estate Investors. We connect with email several times a week and physically meet twice a month. Once at Denny’s in Danvers on the middle Friday 7-8:30 PM for Free and our Main meeting is the last Tuesday of the month 6:30 – 9:00 pm where we often have National Speakers. Networking is the real reason and in 14 years I have not attended a meeting without learning something new or having someone remind me of something old which is useful again. 781-639-8616

2. 12 Lessons – I’m working with 2 Investors on the course I designed and they’re both “quick studies”. (I think we’re up to 445 students total so far)
Mike has just successfully finished Lesson #4 Make an Offer and has to verify his “funnel” or pipeline source of deals.

Leon is on Lesson #1 The most important, where we stake out a territory to work on. It might be a good time to join us yourself? Although I’ve had students as far away as California, people like the local support I provide! 781-639-8616

3. We’re closing a loan tomorrow Owner/Occupied which will save the homeowner about $200 per month! And refinancing a Conforming Jumbo mortgage ($465,750.) at 5.125% No points.

I’m also helping three people with lower credit scores to build back up. If there’s one thing that will derail your credit and disqualify you for a loan it’s a “Mortgage Payment Late” (by over 30 days) and it makes sense if you’re going for a mortgage and you haven’t been paying one….

And a friend is underwater. That’s where the current value is about $50,000 less than the two mortgages owed. So I’ve referred him to our friend Gayle the Attorney who spoke to us several months ago. No sense ruining your credit and being foreclosed on.

Finally, quite frankly, if a refinance or purchase mortgage doesn’t make sense, don’t do it. 781-405-1845

4. Last week Roberta took in 40 new Clients with over $12 million in managed assets and about $3 million from 9 Real Estate Investors. (I’m also the Director /Owner of On the street I hear a lot of folks that are fed up with the conventional 401k retirement managers that lost them between 40 and 60% of their precious retirement money. Now we’re seeing people take control of their own retirement accounts and doing quite well! You may want to join us at an event and learn how it works on the lower left under “Events” 781-639-1846

Anything I can help you with?
Just email [email protected]
You can check out our banners on the home page.

Got something you want up there? I’ll put members up there and if it works we’ll talk about money. If it doesn’t, try rewording it or making it into an offer.

See you soon, Mike Hurney

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