“New Hampshire Laws coming soon”

“New Hampshire Laws coming soon”

“howdee core team.

I see none of the bill text released yet. That means we will likely be in a huge rush of released legislation text soon. Please be ready I will need your quick response.

On the other hand I now have my entire tracking spread sheet set up for all the bills.

So far this season there are 175 bills identified that potentially affect real estate.
Of those, purely from their title I am estimating 13 are of concern. As we analyze we will know more. Below are the LSR listings.

Also, I have a new system that was envisioned a few years back and will be in place this year to make getting your analysis back to me much easier for you and for me by filling in a form on the internet as opposed to the spreadsheet I previously sent to you.

(we, the people, can end the pandemic by all wearing face masks in public indoor places or large gatherings of people,
following careful safety protocols with touched surfaces &
avoiding touching our face.
Be Safe)
Love & Light,
Nick Norman
Director of Legislative Affairs
AANH Government Affairs Chair
LSRs estimated to be of concern:
2021-0115 HB Title: relative to notice of rent increases in certain residential rental property.
Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley , Ivy Vann, Kristina Schultz, Safiya Wazir, Cam Kenney, Wendy Chase
2021-0130 HB Title: creating a private cause of action for discrimination based on hairstyles relative to a person’s ethnicity.
Sponsors: (Prime) Mary Beth Walz
2021-0301 HB Title: relative to termination of tenancy at the expiration of the tenancy or lease term.
Sponsors: (Prime) Bob Lynn
2021-0307 HB Title: relative to the rental of shared living facilities.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sherry Frost
2021-0370 HB Title: relative to permissible residential units in a residential zone.
Sponsors: (Prime) Ivy Vann , Casey Conley, Rebecca McWilliams, Tony Caplan
2021-0460 HB Title: prohibiting the issuance of an on premises license for an establishment within 100 feet from a place being used as a residential dwelling.
Sponsors: (Prime) Aboul Khan
2021-0584 HB Title: establishing a renter’s insurance notification requirement.
Sponsors: (Prime) John Janigian , Chuck Morse, Michael Edgar, Betty Gay, Daryl Abbas, Everett McBride
2021-0718 HB Title: relative to the nonpayment of rent during the state of emergency.
Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley , David Watters, Walter Stapleton, Kristina Schultz, Andrew Bouldin, David Meuse
2021-0781 HB Title: relative to emergency housing assistance.
Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley , Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
2021-0873 SB Title: relative to a notice to quit for residential tenants.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
2021-0878 SB Title: relative to permitting rental assistance prior to receipt of an eviction notice.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
2021-0890 SB Title: relative to civil rights violations and discriminatory actions related to real estate transactions.
Sponsors: (Prime) Regina Birdsell
2021-1026 SB Title: relative to affordable housing program funding.
Sponsors: (Prime) James Gray

Remaining LSRs
2021-0589 HB Title: relative to current use tax rate eligibility.
Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Rosemarie Rung
2021-0016 CACR Title: use of money raised by taxation for education. Providing that money raised by taxation may be applied for the use of religious educational institutions.
Sponsors: (Prime) Glenn Cordelli , Al Baldasaro, Rick Ladd, Mark McLean, John Potucek, Kurt Wuelper, Gregory Hill, Ruth Ward, Mark Pearson, Bob Lynn
2021-0017 HB Title: relative to the rates of business profits tax and the business enterprise tax.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sherman Packard , Chuck Morse, Sharon Carson, Jeb Bradley, Norman Major, Lynne Ober, Jason Osborne, Regina Birdsell, Timothy Lang, Alan Bershtein, Keith Erf, Erin Hennessey
2021-0020 HB Title: relative to building codes for tiny houses.
Sponsors: (Prime) Dave Testerman , Jim Maggiore, James Mason
2021-0022 CACR Title: taxes. Providing that any broad-based sales tax shall be prohibited.
Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington , John Potucek, Kurt Wuelper, Peter Torosian, Bob Greene, Judy Aron
2021-0030 CACR Title: taxes. Providing that an income tax on earned personal income shall be prohibited.
Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington , John Potucek, Peter Torosian, Judy Aron
2021-0031 HB Title: relative to ratification of amendments to the state building code and state fire code.
Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , Joseph Pitre, Chris True, Susan DeLemus, Howard Pearl, Jess Edwards, Rebecca McWilliams, Tony Lekas, James Mason, Aidan Ankarberg
2021-0044 HB Title: relative to renewable generation facility property subject to a voluntary payment in lieu of taxes agreement.
Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Marjorie Porter, Steven Smith, Kat McGhee, Ruth Ward
2021-0065 HB Title: relative to amending a conservation easement between the state and a landowner.
Sponsors: (Prime) Paul Berch , Michael Abbott, Cathryn Harvey
2021-0078 HB Title: relative to worldwide combined reporting for unitary businesses under the business profits tax.
Sponsors: (Prime) Thomas Schamberg
2021-0080 HB Title: adopting the uniform real property transfer on death act.
Sponsors: (Prime) Janice Schmidt , Constance Van Houten
2021-0086 HB Title: requiring the department of environmental services to maintain a public registry of where certain fire suppressants have been used.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rosemarie Rung , Robert Renny Cushing, Michael Edgar, Tom Sherman, Joyce Weston,
2021-0091 HB Title: relative to acreage required to build certain single family housing.
Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Rebecca McWilliams
2021-0116 HB Title: relative to community revitalization tax relief incentives.
Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley , David Watters, Ivy Vann, Skip Cleaver, Chuck Grassie, Andrew Bouldin
2021-0121 HB Title: relative to safety requirements for pools on foreclosed residential property.
Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami
2021-0123 HB Title: relative to the acquisition, sale, or demolition of municipal land or buildings.
Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Julie Gilman
2021-0134 HB Title: establishing greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and establishing a climate action plan.
Sponsors: (Prime) Joyce Weston , Suzanne Smith, Suzanne Vail, Lee Oxenham, Kat McGhee, Sparky Von Plinsky, Rebecca McWilliams
2021-0154 HB Title: relative to the installation of solar energy systems in condominiums.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca McWilliams , Kat McGhee
2021-0165 SB Title: establishing a commission to study payments in lieu of taxes.
Sponsors: (Prime) James Gray
2021-0166 SB Title: relative to the property tax exemption for educational organizations.
Sponsors: (Prime) James Gray
2021-0180 HB Title: relative to notice of execution of tax lien to mortgagees.
Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Cahill , Debra DeSimone
2021-0268 HB Title: relative to school building aid grants.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rick Ladd , James Allard
2021-0287 HB Title: increasing exemptions to the interest and dividends tax and repealing the tax in 2025.
Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Silber , John Potucek, Gary Daniels, Denise Ricciardi, Erica Layon
2021-0292 HB Title: establishing a condominium dispute resolution board.
Sponsors: (Prime) Edward Gordon , Susan Almy
2021-0311 HB Title: relative to the referral of debts for collection.
Sponsors: (Prime) Jordan Ulery
2021-0335 HB Title: relative to the administration of certain state taxes by the department of revenue administration.
Sponsors: (Prime) Norman Major , Susan Almy, Richard Ames
2021-0382 HB Title: increasing exemptions under the interest and dividends tax and decreasing the total amount of research and development credits against business taxes.
Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Lang , John Reagan, Kenneth Weyler, Russell Ober, David Binford, Gregg Hough
2021-0409 HB Title: relatve to a forfeiture of personal property.
Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Sylvia , James Spillane, Bob Greene, Alicia Lekas, Tony Lekas, Harry Bean, Judy Aron
2021-0420 HB Title: eliminating the housing appeals board.
Sponsors: (Prime) Daryl Abbas , Linda Gould, Regina Birdsell, Terry Roy, Niki Kelsey
2021-0433 HB Title: relative to compensation for the taking of property.
Sponsors: (Prime) Anne Copp
2021-0441 HB Title: relative to property restrictions on certain amateur radio antennas.
Sponsors: (Prime) Glen Aldrich
2021-0455 HB Title: relative to the authority of the state fire marshal to grant an exemption from fire code requirements to recovery houses.
Sponsors: (Prime) Erika Connors , Lou D’Allesandro, Jeffrey Goley, Patricia Cornell, Kendall Snow
2021-0456 HB Title: relative to consideration of home-share income and exempting rentals of shared facilities from requirements under the real estate practice act.
Sponsors: (Prime) Anita Burroughs , Jeb Bradley, Karen Umberger, Jerry Knirk, Stephen Woodcock
2021-0458 HB Title: establishing a committee to study the requirements of reporting by utility companies of information required for valuation of certain utility property for purposes of RSA 72.
Sponsors: (Prime) Troy Merner , Patrick Abrami
2021-0459 HB Title: establishing a commission to study the equalization rate used for the calculation of a property tax abatement by the New Hampshire board of tax and land appeals, the superior court, and all cities, towns, and counties.
Sponsors: (Prime) Troy Merner
2021-0483 HB Title: relative to takings of property in a declared emergency.
Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Sylvia , Alicia Lekas
2021-0491 HB Title: relative to the quarterly or semi-annual collection of taxes in certain municipalities.
Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Porter , Julie Gilman
2021-0498 SB Title: relative to the revised uniform law on notarial acts and the uniform real property electronic recording act.
Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Cavanaugh , David Danielson, Erin Hennessey
2021-0511 HB Title: relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development.
Sponsors: (Prime) Joe Alexander , Karen Umberger, Richard Lascelles, Anita Burroughs, Willis Griffith, Erin Hennessey, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
2021-0532 HB Title: requiring the filing of a declaration of consideration for certain assignments and assumptions of leases.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca McBeath , Gerald Ward, Peter Somssich, David Meuse, Joan Hamblet
2021-0552 HB Title: relative to the assessment of property taxes for property located on private roads.
Sponsors: (Prime) Max Abramson
2021-0556 HB Title: relative to shoreland septic systems.
Sponsors: (Prime) Judith Spang , David Watters
Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Rosemarie Rung
2021-0593 HB Title: relative to contract powers of condominium unit owners’ associations.
Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Tom Sherman
2021-0602 HB Title: relative to eligibility for the low and moderate income homeowners property tax relief.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sallie Fellows , Mary Beth Walz, Edward Gordon
2021-0620 CACR Title: relative to municipal taxes. Providing that municipalities may not raise property taxes greater than 2 percent per year and no greater than 1 percent per year on disabled citizens or senior citizens.
Sponsors: (Prime) Terry Roy , John Potucek, Barbara Comtois, Judy Aron
2021-0628 HB Title: relative to the state education property tax and the low and moderate income homeowners property tax relief program.
Sponsors: (Prime) Richard Ames , Marjorie Porter, Mary Heath, David Luneau
2021-0629 HB Title: relative to the tax expenditure report and relative to delaying the enactment of the single sales factor under the business profits and business enterprise taxes.
Sponsors: (Prime) Patrick Abrami , Richard Ames
2021-0661 HB Title: relative to lien assessments by condominium associations.
Sponsors: (Prime) William Infantine
2021-0666 HB Title: relative to property tax valuations.
Sponsors: (Prime) Jacqueline Cali-Pitts , Max Abramson, Sallie Fellows
2021-0691 HCR Title: declaring that the Claremont case’s mandates that the legislative and executive branches define an adequate education, determine its cost, fund its entire cost with state taxes, and ensure its delivery through accountability, are not binding on the legislative and executive branches.
Sponsors: (Prime) John Lewicke
2021-0711 HB Title: relative to the uses of certain large retail properties.
Sponsors: (Prime) John Janigian , Betty Gay, Daryl Abbas, Everett McBride
2021-0712 HB Title: relative to change of use of certain retail properties.
Sponsors: (Prime) John Janigian , Betty Gay, Daryl Abbas, Everett McBride
2021-0773 HB Title: relative to the chartered public school annual grant for leased space.
Sponsors: (Prime) Maureen Mooney , John Reagan, Glenn Cordelli, Gary Daniels, Barbara Comtois, Robert Healey
2021-0775 HB Title: establishing a committee to study affordable housing.
Sponsors: (Prime) Casey Conley
2021-0780 HB Title: relative to the school building aid program.
Sponsors: (Prime) David Luneau , Michael Cahill
2021-0829 SB Title: relative to prohibiting the installation of certain commercially available heating systems and engaging the services of certain energy providers.
Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Morse
2021-0854 HB Title: relative to e-delivery of insurance documents and commercial lines renewal notices.
Sponsors: (Prime) Christy Bartlett , John Hunt, Kevin Cavanaugh
2021-0860 SB Title: relative to city charter provisions for tax caps.
Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Avard
2021-0865 SB Title: relative to a property tax relief program for qualifying residential property in a designated residential property revitalization zone.
Sponsors: (Prime) Jay Kahn
2021-0876 SB Title: enabling municipalities to establish a community preservation and resilience program funded in part through a surcharge on real property.
Sponsors: (Prime) David Watters
2021-0886 SB Title: relative to municipal aid for property tax reduction.
Sponsors: (Prime) Lou D’Allesandro
2021-0889 SB Title: relative to the amount of meals and rooms tax revenue that is distributed to municipalities.
Sponsors: (Prime) Denise Ricciardi
2021-0930 SB Title: relative to the housing and conservation planning program.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
2021-0967 SB Title: relative to a temporary change to operator compensation under the meals and rooms tax.
Sponsors: (Prime) Cindy Rosenwald
2021-0970 SB Title: postponing assessment reviews and reappraisals of property.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
2021-0972 SB Title: repealing the voluntary fire service equipment certification.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sharon Carson
2021-0974 SB Title: adopting changes to the state fire code and building codes.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sharon Carson
2021-0979 SB Title: relative to probate administration, distribution upon intestacy, and powers of attorney and adopting the uniform disclaimer of property interests act.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Whitley
2021-0980 SB Title: relative to the rates of business profits tax and the business enterprise tax.
Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Morse
2021-0982 SB Title: relative to exemptions for the tax on interest and dividends.
Sponsors: (Prime) Chuck Morse
2021-1031 SB Title: allowing towns and cities to adopt a property tax exemption for certain renewable generation facilities.
Sponsors: (Prime) Suzanne Prentiss
2021-1045 SB Title: relative to building codes for tiny houses.
Sponsors: (Prime) Jay Kahn
2021-1047 SB Title: increasing the minimum gross business income required for filing a business profits tax return.
Sponsors: (Prime) Donna Soucy
2021-1061 SB Title: relative to ratification of amendments to the state building code.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sharon Carson”

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