How National politics & Trends affect you?

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How National politics & Trends affect you?
They don’t! The popular conceptions does! Sometimes the way people talk you would think they are running for the presidency themselves. “Oh my God, did you see that the North American free trade act is going to export our work over the borders. Our factories will close!”

So what. I’ll get worried when they start exporting Real Estate to Japan.

“You have to buy American! If you don’t you will eventually lose your own job because it will also be exported overseas.”

If you had to buy American you would live in a cave. Most of our fuel is imported from the Mideast. Anything that has a chip in it comes from overseas. The Fax and VCR both invented in the USA have never been made here, not a single one. Car, even the domestic ones are having more and more parts made in the pacific Rim But don’t tell me, I don’t buy American as much as possible: I have bought millions of dollars of Real Estate and you can not get any more American than a house and land.

In summation let someone else worry about things they have no control over, like a job in an industry that is leaving the US. Work as hard as you can at your job, Real estate that is. At first part time, then move into full time as you feel more secure and see more money coming in to support you. The main reason that you must work so hard is because with these industries leaving now, prices will eventually drop to what the masses can afford. Also entitlement programs will increase in volume which will put a further strain on the system. When the unemployment rate rises to 10% then the prices may not come down but will not rise and give us an automatic inflation raise many of us saw in the past”

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