Movers & Shakers 9/18/09

Good group last night!
Lucinda and her husband are looking to purchase more property in Florida, eventually retiring there. Also interested in Self Directed IRAs for TAX FREE or Tax Deferred investing.
Fred has a “Welcome package” for his tenants that lists everything, including how paying late will impact their annual rent increases.
Jim said his in-town Boston rentals are slow, last year fully rented, this year 50 vacancies. I think most colleges have added lucrative Dorm space and that may be impacting his lack of tenants.
Navanee is looking for a little mentorship so I promised to forward information on my course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons” Only $599. he seems to know some basics but this will defintely have him avoid the many mistakes that can slow your rise to financial independence.
Bill showed up with his girlfriend a little late but it’s always good to see them, even if he places “We Buy Houses” flyers on my
contd below Rate The Meetup Group

Bill contd (and everyone else’s) car in the Shaws/Market Basket plaza while I shop on Sundays. He says it’s working. He’s also looking for private money because the apartments he’s buying need work, so I’ll connect with him on the programs I know of that lend Buy and Fixup money at the same time
I spent a lot of time on activity examples, for one we analyzed Lynn (Bill’s area)  and found the most action is in the $200-250k Single Family market. That’s hot and very active! My point was, go there and do those. Don’t waste time in the high end $450k+  that’s languishing!
It was good to see you guys! See you September 29 for our main meeting Mike

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