Movers and Shakers Friday 7/15, Denis Keohane Saturday 7/16, 360 Software & Mortgages

Email that just went out:

1. July 15, 2011 7:00 PM – 8:30 We’ll be at Denny’s of Danvers for our Movers and Shakers meeting

2. Saturday July 16, 2011 Lunch is on me (GMAC Mortgage) during Denis Keohane’s All Day “Real Estate Mastery/Mentoring” Course. Just like in College or High School it is unlikely you can take one course and parlay that into a successful career. Remember Psych, Economics and Composition, which I did good in.  I thought, what do they have to do with Architecture and Engineering. Of course I found out a little later in my career.

What am I trying to say? This course Saturday is one of the Foundation courses to your Real Estate Investing Career/Business and I look forward to seeing you there. This will broaden your networking (from the list of attendees there are not too many wannabees, there are some of our most successful members).

I’ve seen more changes and Opportunities in the past twelve months than I’ve seen in the past twelve years.

First, Check this article out

Lisa Vanderpool wrote in the BBJ July 1-7, 2011 that “Residential foreclosures continue their slide”  and completed foreclosures dipped almost 65% May 2011 vs May 2010 also that only 2,566 foreclosure deeds were recorded in Mass. during the first 5 months of this year.

Do you know why? or What this means? Or how YOU can get into this Market and help the economy while helping Yourself. If you do you must be very busy. If not, you can give me a quick call at 781-248-6907 and sign up for this Saturday. I look forward to seeing you there! Mike Hurney

3. Did you know that almost 100 of our members now have the 360 Investor Software, just from joining or renewing their membership? We’re planning on including a “Deal – No Deal” segment using it, at upcoming meetings and I think you’ll be impressed with it’s capabilities.

4. This week I’ve been working on a small condo loan, Huge 203k (rehab and purchase) loan and a Jumbo purchase (that’s over $417k) $850k, 30F 4.878% APR (that’s with certain Credit, LTV, DTI and Reserves). When you’re ready for money on that offer or to refi your current property? [email protected] 781-248-6907 cell NMLS#43341

See you soon, Mike

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