Movers 12/6/19 7-8:30pm & Next meetings. Links for: Remodeling, Gas Tax, 5G, iPhone privacy & Rent Control:-0

Good afternoon, 4:17pm 12/5/19

1. Tomorrow evening Friday, December 6, 2019 Movers & Shakers 7-8:30pm at Kellys Roast Beef, 165 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923:

Progress report on our Projects, Local Market Update and a Round-Robin of what YOU’RE working on! No charge to Members Only $5. for Guests (tip for our waitstaff), Only $99/year to Join! Light refreshments included. Also Marketing for Deals!

2. Movers & Shakers Friday January 3, 2020 7-8:30pm

3. Main meeting Tuesday, January 28, 2020 6:30 – 9pm “1 Year for the Rest of Your Life!”

Follow up – Saturday February 1, 2010 9am-5pm Instant Impact – Experience hands on, the systems of communication, negotiations and the power of creating a buyer/seller relationship used to get “NO Money Down” deals and Seller Financing at 0%!

4. Steve Elliott, Resident GC has forwarded the link for the latest issue of Remodeling which you may want to check out…

Remodeling “your toolbox for Success”

5. MassFiscal alliance is fighting a gas tax our legislators are trying to pass (around our busy Holidays)

that ties us in with several states to automatically increase our gasoline tax. When they snuck this in to California the price of gasoline went up something like $1.40 to around $4.00/gallon… So you may want to check out their site and contact “our well meaning” law makers.

You may also want to let “OUR” Governor Charlie Baker know what you think of his trying to make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State…

6. Want to get some insight about “5G”?

(As much as I dislike CNN’s slanted media this seems like the inside story on 5G)

7. You may want to change the settings on your iPhone & Laptop…

8. Small Property Owners Association is raising the flag for us that Rent Control is coming back. If you remember How tough it was for Landlords in Somerville, Cambridge & Boston before 1994 then you Do Not want to see it return. You could check out their articles on their site.

I look forward to see you soon, Mike Hurney, Director, &

PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945

PS Don’t forget Len Theran, Professional Loss Adjusters, if you’ve got any insurance damage. You need to Call Len first, before calling ANY insurance company He IS independent! 617-932-5192 [email protected]

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