Mortgage rates “bumped” up late last week.

Mortgage rates “bumped” up slightly last week. The 30FRM (30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage) which is usually our highest interest rate product, but most popular, was at 5.00%. At we’re committed to provide the Lowest rate mortgages, that’s why we post them at our site daily. Fortunately, borrowers had me lock-in their mortgages at the lower rate earlier in the week. If you’re in the market and get something that fits your needs, you may not want to procrastinate. Like Nike says “Just do it!”

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What’ll happen next? Will our rates continue upward? Want to be on my “Rate Watch” list for when we meet your rate? Or would you like to refinance now? Most folks coming to me have Mortgages in the mid 6’s so when they check out the Mortgage Calculator at our site they’ll realize there’ a savings of $285.00/month based on a $300,000 mortgage. I know what I’d like to do with $285. extra a month. At this stage I’d probably help my kids, who are early in their careers or finishing up their education. What will you do with your savings each month? Mike

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