Quick donation for local FoodBank – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

‘Tis the season to be charitable, this is our 11th year donating to worthy causes and we would love for you to get involved. After a personal visit by myself and Victoria we have decided to support the Greater Boston Food Bank and the New Hampshire Food Bank. We’re donating to these impressive Charities. We will also match YOUR donations! We’ve set up Donate Now links for $25FoodBank donation or $100FoodBank donation When you can spare it. In addition to matching your donation we will send you the following gifts: 1. For donating $25 – Tony Young’s (Hidden Market Real Estate Opportunities) has sent us his favorite CD “Creative Financing Strategies”  (a $39 value) that will be sent right to your door. 2. For donating $100 – David Lindahl (The Multi Family Authority) has sent us his favorite book “Multi Family Manifesto” (a $79 value) in addition to Tony’s CD (Total value $118). Greater Boston Food Bank – Cheryl SVP gave us a tour and we met with Arlene SVP of Advancement. GBFB distributes 62 million pounds of food to 531 Food Pantries, Community Service Centers and Soup Kitchens. New Hampshire Food Bank –  We met with Lisa, the Annual Campaign Manager for a tour and Nancy, the Director of Development. They showed us how they’ve delivered 13,665,147 pounds of food in 2017.In addition NH has a great FREE Culinary school for training people seeking employment in the food service industry. As well as a kitchen that serves 3,000 meals a week and an extensive list 2018-19 NH Winter Farmers’ Market Directory. We’ll be very glad to have you join us with a small donation for these worthwhile causes!   

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