Members – Make 2017 the Year of No Regrets Investing. Members – Make 2017 the Year of No Regrets Investing

If you are a resolutions kind of person I hope one of your resolutions for this year is to truly become committed to your investing business. If you aren’t a resolutions kind of person I still hope you have reevaluated your goals for the year and that one of them is more success in investing. The time is still right for investing success. It always is! Yet, 2017 has some interesting possibilities that may be unique. With the 2016 elections bringing lots of potential changes, the legislative and regulatory environment for investors could be better than it has been in ages. Money could be easier to find. Even if the regulations don’t help with conventional money the alternative finance era is rapidly approaching. Home prices seem to be stable to rising. Even if foreclosures are down they aren’t gone and technology is making it easier to find and evaluate deals. Rents are still rising and should remain at least stable if not hot in some markets for a couple years more. Notes are still an amazing strategy. The Wall Street Journal even proclaimed it is a good environment for rehabbing! Now is the time!

This means staying connected to your will be more important than ever. We can help you find the opportunities that exist in your own local market. They are there to provide unmatched resources: resources vital to investors like discounts, networking, legislative updates, education, market data, and so much more! Your REIA helps you to maximize your time and your energy and to accelerate your success.

My New Year’s wish for all REIA members is to be able to tell your story in a few years about how you created massive financial success for yourself through real estate investing. I look forward to hearing how you committed to Real Estate investing, learned all you could, took the risk, invested in property, helped redevelop neighborhoods, provided housing to those who needed it, made solid profits and achieved financial freedom for yourself and your family. Make 2017 the year of no regrets investing. Imagine never having to say “I wish I had” or the infamous woulda, coulda, shoulda. and our Networking members are here to help and we are incredibly excited to be a part of your investing success story!

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