“Right of 1st Refusal coming to Massachusetts”

“Right of 1st Refusal coming to Massachusetts” :-0

We’d like to let you know about a law enacted at 4:42 this morning to inform your members and get their help opposing this bill before the Governor signs it.

We have produced some talking points for landlords here:

The Governor, Legislature Need to Hear from You on HD.5250 Right of First Refusal

Feel free to modify these if you want to make a custom message. Please send this or similar to your members.

Most of our info about bills still comes from volunteers and others who keep us informed. Let us know right away if you think we may have made a mistake about what a bill says, the relevant bill numbers, or its status.

If you have information about individual Rep and Senator positions, please do not email. Instead use our “Rep and Senator Contact Response Form” at https://masslandlords.net/grassroots. This automatically ties into our whipboards for tracking.


Executive Director • MassLandlords, Inc.

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